is the hub for the revolution. "Finishers" are able to see not only what progress is being made but are provided ways to take action. The site compliments the rest of the campaign by providing depth. Our TV spots, Social conversations and OOH activations all communicate with in order to create a holistic experience. 

Along with standard UX deliverables and feasibility oversight, digital strategy was a large part of my job. Researching and communicating who our users are and how they interact with media is crucial to communicate with them. Gen Z is the first generation to be born into the web and it is important that we communicate in the ways they will respond best to.


  • Wireframes
  • Ecosystems
  • Site Maps
  • Personas
  • User journeys


  • User behavior
  • Brand ecosystem
  • Site structure
  • Trend Research
  • Media Channels
  • Social Strategy
  • Audience Retention

User Research + Personas. 

Know Thy User. Gen-Z is known to be more tech savvy, more skeptical and more empowered than millennials. It was critical to understand how they think, how they act and what matters to them most. 

Mobile First. 

For this project it was especially important to design mobile first. Mellenials and Gen Z live on the web and mobile usage increases daily. Having a responsive site was table-stakes. was designed vertically and horizontally to be flexible for a constantly evolving campaign. As content is added and removed it scales horizontally. As new content is created in each category it scales vertically. 

Prototyping + User Testing. 

Test early and often right? We conducted a range of user tests throughout project with a range of testing tools.

Who we tested

  • Unaffiliated colleagues
  • Pool of co-workers / interns within target demographic
  • Formal recruitment of target demo from Los Angeles area

What we tested

  • Clickable Wires
  • Interactive comps (invision app)
  • Beta site w. animations and videos

Web Apps. for education but more importantly empowerment. We provided tools to spread the word and help #finishit.