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Lip Sync Dat

Give the fans what they want

After creating a music video featuring youtube influencers encouraging our demo to Left-Swipe smokers, we gave our followers a way to make a difference. We asked users to lip sync their favorite verse of the song and submit it via social media. The best entries would be featured in the final cut with a star studded cast of influencers. It was crucial to let users submit in the way they preferred, so we created a hashtag and scraped Youtube, Instagram, Vine and Twitter for submissions. We received thousands of entries and edited them into a brand new music video. 

My Role

Lead UX and worked closely with creatives to design a submission flow and site that made instructions crystal clear and submission as flexible as possible.

Videos were submitted via social media which not only made submissions as easy as possible but worked as a way to push our messaging organically across many social platforms.

Our site acted as an information hub where users could watch the video, research lyrics and watch the original Left Swipe Dat video for inspiration. While all submissions were excepted we encouraged users to lip sync at least one whole verse. Our site broke out the lyrics by verse and linked to time stamps in our embedded hero video module.

Lip Sync Dat

We received submissions from across the nation ranging from bedroom selfies to edited productions. The final video was a true work of passion by our fans. We empowered our users to be heard and gave them an opportunity to be featured in a music video with their favorite online stars.