Hulu Onboarding

Hulu Onboarding

Like all relationships first impressions and good communication are key to longevity. We set out to create an onboarding experience that not only allowed users to tell us what they love but to also provide them with a delightful (and quick) onboarding experience

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We wanted to leverage Hulu’s free trial policy to engage users from the beginning and immersive them in content they love. It was crucial that we connected with users in a meaningful way before they canceled their free trial.

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Data also told us that if a user activated Hulu on more than one of their devices they were more likely to stick around. We used this knowledge to explain the value of the multi device system at moments that made sense and would come across as a benefit as opposed to an upsell.

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TASTE picking

In order to understand what users wanted to watch it became apparent that we needed to ask them.

Explicit vs implicit

Most systems ask users about certain pieces of content and deliver content based on the categories those pieces fits within. Based on internal data and user preferences we knew that it would be more valuable to ask users what categories of content they were interested in and serve them recommendations based on that.

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When introducing a user to a company it every detail matters. We did many motion studies and prototypes to make sure the user would receive a delightful experience during each moment of their ondboarding.


Although the majority of the content streamed from Hulu has been on Desktop and Living room devices, the market is shifting with advancing technology and more and more users are streaming on the go.

It was important that our Mobile experience was as smooth and engaging as the rest of our platforms.

Continued learning

We explored many ways to ask a user how they felt about certain content.

In order to understand what kind of content a user loves we wanted to provide them with a quick, engaging activity to understand a bit more about them.

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